What is enamel

Enamel is a type of fused glass made from silicates and oxides on metal. The quality of enamel depends on the thickness of the metal and the firing process. Cheap enamel (e.g. from China) consists of thin metal, elaborate and expensive enamel from e.g. Ukraine, Hungary and Turkey uses a higher metal content (i.e. it is heavier) and several firing processes in higher heat. 

Enamel from China and Ghana

As fans of exotic household items, we naturally regret the decline of enamel production in China and Africa, where the most beautiful decorations were used. Of course, the fact that enamel household articles are coming back into fashion in this country does not save these manufacturers, who are being overtaken by stainless steel and plastics on the big world markets. As we attach more importance to aesthetics than to quality, we try to buy up remaining stock or find other sources to be able to offer this kind of enamel.

Advantages of enamel

- Enamel is very hygienic and suitable for allergy sufferers;

- As it is completely made of metal, it is also very suitable for induction cookers;

- The items are dishwasher safe, enamel (like any other crockery) will at worst become a little dull after years of using aggressive detergents.

Tips for handling enamel:

- do not scratch with steel sponges or other hard objects;

- do not heat empty;

- before heating milk, rinse the dishes with water beforehand, the water film protects against